Where do I put my server side code?

This is highly dependent on your application stack. If you have your own application, you can select the language you use, and add it to your server side code. If you are using a CMS, this varies system to system. Start by checking if your CMS allows server-side code. If they don't, there are options to use hosted pages. If they do, it's a matter of finding out how to run that server-side code when certain pages load. We have lots of experience integrating with different systems, just ping us here in the chat!

How do I force users to enter credit card?

In the pricing page or checkout page embed code, there is a flag for forcing credit card entry. Set 'forceCard' to 'true'.

How do I add a password field to signup?

In the pricing page or checkout page embed code, there is a flag for adding the password field to the form. Set 'setPassword' to 'true'.

Can I use Servicebot as my users database?

Yes you can. You can choose to create users in your database as well, or just use Servicebot as the single source of truth. Users will authenticate with Servicebot and be redirected to your application. 

How/When do I create users in my database?

There are two options for creating users in your database. You can either use the 'handleResponse' function in the pricing page or checkout page embed code. Or, you can use the webhook event 'post' to create a user once the signup has been completed.

Should I use web hooks or the handleResponse methods?

For any business critical operations, particularly related to how much or if a customer is paying, we recommend using webhooks. Webhooks will be called no matter what and can not be tampered with the way client side javascript can be.

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