Depending on the needs of your clients, you may have to charge them for extra services provided outside of the normal subscription agreement. This guide will show you how to bill a customer for an extra charge, which will be added to their total due at the next billing cycle.

First, click Subscriptions on the left panel.

On the subscription management page, you will see a list of all active and inactive users that have subscribed to your service at any point, including free trial users. You may use the search bar to find a specific customer.

Click on a customer to view their subscription detail page. 

This page includes useful information about the user's subscription details, including payment information and invoices.

At the top of the page you should see buttons for actions that you may take. Click Add Charge. 

Enter the charge amount and description.

After you submit the charge, you will see it on the customer's subscription details page as an outstanding charge.

Any extra charges will be added to the total when the customer is charged for their next billing cycle.

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