ServiceBot keeps records of invoices for each customer transaction. If you need to refund money to a customer's card for any reason, you can issue the refund directly from the invoice for that transaction.

You must first locate the user whose transaction must be refunded. The easiest way to do this is via the User Management page. Navigate to Users on the left sidebar.

You may also view all subscribed users in Subscriptions.

Locate the customer on the User Management page, or type their name in the search bar.

Click Actions, then Manage Services.

This will bring you to the service management page for that user. 

Note: Before proceeding, make sure that your customer has a valid card attached to their account so that the refund can be processed. Check under the Payment column to see if their card is active.

If you do not see this green credit card symbol, the user must update their payment information.

Once you have made sure that your customer's card is active, click Actions, then View Invoice.
This will show you all of the active invoices from that customer's transactions.

You can already refund the customer directly from the Actions drop-down, or click on an invoice to view more details about the transaction.

Click the red Refund Invoice button, and enter the refund amount and refund reason.

The amount refunded does not have to be the total amount on the invoice; for example, if you prorate the refund based on how much time or use the customer has already gotten from your service you may enter the prorated amount.

Free trials will also produce invoices for your documentation purposes. They appear as charges of $0.00 and cannot be refunded.

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