ServiceBot keeps records of invoices for each customer transaction. From the invoice page, you can view information about the transaction, as well as issue a refund.

The easiest way to find a customer is via the User Management page. Navigate to Users on the left sidebar.

You may also view all subscribed users in Subscriptions.

This will take you to the User Management page where you will see a list of all your users. Locate your customer on this page or type their name in the search bar.

Click Actions, then Manage Services.

This will bring you to the service management page for that user. 

 Click Actions again, then View Invoice. This will show you a list of that customer's active invoices from all of their transactions.

From this list you can catch a glimpse at some quick details, such as the amount due, invoice date, and if it has been paid yet. Clicking on an invoice ID will bring you to that invoice's page.

Here, you can view more details about the transaction, such as the description and type. You can also issue a refund to the customer.

Free trials will also produce invoices for your documentation purposes. They appear as charges of $0.00 and cannot be refunded.

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