Throughout these guides, you will see the words "service offering" many times. But what does this actually mean? 

Your service offering is the service you are selling to the public; whether it is cloud storage, web hosting, or project management, ServiceBot can help you with all of these and more. ServiceBot offers a user-friendly interface for you to create a template for your service including pricing tiers, billing types, trial period, and features for each pricing tier. This template will be used to generate custom code for a pricing page, sign up/checkout page, and billing settings page that you can embed onto your own website. 

Once you have connected ServiceBot to Stripe, the next logical step is creating a template for your service offering.

Creating a service offering.

You can then use this template to create custom embeddable code for your:

  1. Pricing page
  2. Sign up/checkout page
  3. Billing settings page

A pricing table generated from the service offering template above.

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